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Ever After Ch 2
People had said she was a witch.
People talked; that is what people do. People talk, and others listen. So when the rumors about the witch of 5th Avenue reached the ears of a small child, she had no choice but to stop and listen. They said she was short; not physically, but in her mannerisms. She was quick, brash, but she knew everything you could ever need to know about magic. She had herbs and teas and jewelry. She had a small garden in the back of her home where she picked her the greens needed for her recipes. Everything from fruits to vegetables to herbs was back there.
That was what caught her attention, actually. Kenzie had been sitting on a park bench, nibbling on a package of roasted almonds a kind man had bought her, when two joggers brought her the news. They did not speak to her directly, of course. They merely came up and sat on the bench next to her for a quick rest. As one checked her shoes and sipped from a metal water bottle, the other talked about the tea she had gott
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Ever After Ch 1
Seven hundred years was a long time.
She had seen families grow up, old, and apart. She'd had her own family torn apart. She had seen countries rise and fall. When it was time, she had left her native France, left her garden and the memories of her mother, to journey to the "New World" she had heard so many rumors about. There, she'd watched colonies grow, come together to form a nation. She had watched as people who were there long before she and hers had arrived were run out of their homes. She had walked with the leaders of the Natives and aided them in burying their dead. When all the Natives were gone, she had moved once again, this time to a city that was just starting.
As the years passed, she and her home never changed. Though cabins turned to apartments and apartments into skyscrapers, her little cottage had not budged. Oh, she had changed its outer appearance to blend in with the bustling city, but the inside was still as snug and warm as the house she grew up in.
In seven hu
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The night was calm with a mother's love.
Titania stood in the center of a circle of her children, the latest addition to their family held tightly to her breast. The boy was young, no more than two, with skin the same shade as the trees that surrounded them, a stark contrast to her ivory flesh. But that did not matter to the Faerie Queen. Neither did the human blood that pulsed through his veins or the children that danced around her. He was a member of her family. He was a child, and one to be celebrated.
But as the children danced, the woods darkened, clouds moving to block the moonlight from their clearing. Thunder crackled once, loud enough to have the boy stirring in her arms.
"Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania!"
Titania pressed the boy tighter to her. "What? Jealous, Oberon?"
Despite the tone of her voice, she had known Oberon would find her. She had known he would hear of the boy she claimed as hers, and she had known that he would want him. Her lord was always one to think of
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Alexandra Leigh, also known as Ali. I'm a writer who sometimes attempts to draw. That last bit never turns out well, though. Nineteen years old, a student at Judson College, I'm studying Biology and Psychology, with a minor in Chemistry. Originally stalkerfangirl, until I decided to move to over here.


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